Thunder Mountain Elementary Shared Vision: 

We strive to be a positive community who thinks creatively, problem solves, and loves learning.

Staff Information
  Principal Amy Frazier
  Assistant Principal Britni Westbrook
  Secretary Tanya Daniel
  Secretary Jackie DiThomas
  School Counselor Chablis Sweet 

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(970) 254-5870 
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Welcome to Thunder Mountain Elementary!

S - Safety

O - Ownership for Our Actions

A - Awesome Learner
R - Respect

What's Happening

Thunderbird Times – February 2021  


Shared vision:  We strive to be a positive community who thinks creatively, problem solves, and loves learning.

Parent Teacher Conferences

Parent Teacher Conferences are scheduled for February 9th and February 11th from 4:30 - 8:30 each night.  They will be held virtually.  Teachers will be reaching out to you soon with details.  


Responsive Classroom

Each month, we will be sharing information with you about the Responsive Classroom Approach.  


How might the Responsive Classroom approach look and sound in my child’s classroom? 

Teachers adapt Responsive Classroom strategies as needed to address their students’ needs, so things may look a bit different in each classroom. But you’ll usually see and hear teachers: 


Leading a daily Morning Meeting.  These routines set a positive tone and build a sense of community and belonging while giving students practice in key academic and social skills. 


Teaching students the specific skills they need to participate successfully, from how to respond to a signal for quiet to how to respectfully disagree with a classmate. 


Treating mistakes in a positive way. Teachers see mistakes (in academics and in behavior) as important steps in learning. They encourage students to learn from their mistakes and “try again.” They offer support and reteach as needed. At the same time, teachers provide clear expectations for behavior and stop misbehavior quickly so that students can focus on learning. 


Using positive language. Teachers choose words and tone that encourage students to work hard, enjoy learning, and persist through difficulties.



PTO and School Advisory Committee (SAC) Meetings - Wednesday, January 13th:

Please join us for our PTO meeting on Wednesday, February 10th at 4:30.  This meeting will be held virtually.  Here is the meeting link:


Immediately following the PTO meeting, we will be sharing information and getting feedback on school goals, action plans, and results from the recent parent survey.  We will be using the same PTO meeting link for the virtual SAC meeting. 


Student Council Penny Wars

TMT Student Council is hosting a Penny War to help “power up our playground.”  Some ideas they have are to add new playground equipment, add soccer goals, paint sensory paths on the blacktop, add a gaga pit, and maybe even add a track!  Please help support their efforts by participating in this activity February 1st - 12th.  Let’s Power Up the Playground!



Right Turn Only

Please be sure to turn right on your way out of the parking lot when dropping off and picking up your student.  This keeps traffic moving smoothly.


Please send your child to school with a mask each and every day.  We have extra masks on hand, however; we ask everyone to do their part so we don’t run out.  Those extra masks are for when students accidentally forget theirs for that day.  

When Checking Students Out Early 

For your child’s safety, we ask that every adult who is authorized to pick up a student show their ID at the office.  Please be prepared to show your identification each time you check out your student.


February Events

Please click here for our February calendar: Thunder Mountain February 2020 Calendar


Upcoming Events
   Counselor Request Form (Click Here)
   Aug 21 2020
   Girls On The Run
   Feb 25 2021 at 07:18 AM


Monday - Thursday

8:55 am - 4:00 pm

Friday, early release

8:55 am - 2:00 pm

*Students may arrive no sooner than 8:35

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