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   In  the Office    
Principal Assistant Principal Secretary Secretary Health Asst.

Diane Carver

Shawn Wilson

Mary Gorsuch

Jackie DiThomas

Lucie Strippel




Nickki Del Pizzo

Catherine Schultz

Amy Kirch    
1st Grade        
Jodi Long

Shelbi Lebsock

Cyndi Stout

Heather Reed


2nd Grade        
Reanna Kissner

Casey Utemei

Diane Schaneman

Elly Stone

3rd Grade        
Terri Batchelor Rian Carey

Casey Manuppella

Ryan Mckissen

4th Grade        
Tressa Nelson Rinnah Davis Laurel Saims

5th Grade        

Julie Broughton

Crystal Kissner Amy Byrne Tiffany Story






  Other Teachers    
Learning Specialist Chet Brown Kyle Carmichael  
Instructional Coach Stacey Cummins      
ELL Wendy Kelly    
SSN Candi Diaz      
Speech Cherri Davenport      
G/T Sue Mitchell      
Counselor Lori Hammond      
Preschool Denise Smith      
Music Angela Johnson      
Physical Education Sharon Tenace      
Art Maja Sommersted    
Library Jenny Aker      
Computers Amy Kirch      

Mesa County Valley School District 51