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This is a page that shows what is expected of students in all areas of the school.



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Behavior Expectations


In the interest of all who enter our school, it is important to understand that some basic expectations are necessary to ensure a safe and productive learning environment. These expectations are appropriate in classrooms, school vehicles, on school grounds and during any school sponsored activity.



Be respectful of yourself, others and property. This means recognizing the rights of yourself and others to enjoy a safe school. Hand and feet are kept to their owners. People at Thunder Mountain work to help one another by using kind words and actions that support a safe learning environment and honor the differences in all of us. Moving safely around the school and on the playground equipment shows that we understand we share the space at Thunder Mountain with many people. By cooperating with each other the school becomes a safer place for everyone.



Language, gestures, and actions that hurt the feelings of others or cause people to feel threatened are considered disrespectful and unacceptable. Respecting yourself and others also means not using or bringing alcohol, tobacco, drugs or weapons of any kind to school.



All property a Thunder mountain (the building, books, computers, etc.) is shared.  The responsibility of maintaining this property is shared by all.



Come to school ready to learn.  At Thunder Mountain we believe that for students to be successful they need to be prepared for each day.  Inherent in being prepared for a successful day of learning is adequate rest, appropriate diet, dress, needed materials and security in the knowledge that student efforts will be recognized.  We also understand that by meeting the academic, social and emotional needs of children, the incidence of disruptive behavior decreases and cooperative behavior rises.





At Thunder Mountain we believe that discipline is a learned behavior.  Our goal is to teach children to become disciplined in their actions and behaviors.  When necessary, children may be asked to write out a plan for their future behavior or describe what appropriate behaviors are expected.  Consequences at Thunder Mountain range from simply talking with a child, time out of the classroom, temporary loss of playground privileges, calling home, in-school suspension, doing community service (helping the custodian, sweeping sidewalks, etc.), staying after school, out of school suspension, or expulsion.


The following are directives from board policy and state law:


If a child is suspended from school, a remedial discipline plan must be developed.


If a child is suspended three times during the course of a school year for causing a material and substantial disruption in the classroom, on school grounds, or a school activities or events, the student will be declared habitually disruptive.  Expulsion is mandatory for habitually disruptive students.


Significant first time offenses that may result in expulsion are:

Possession of a weapon; use or possession of alcohol and/or illegal drugs; fighting; threatening the safety of others or self; insubordination, disrespect of authority, failure to identify self; vandalism or destructions of property, chronic tardiness or truancy; use of tobacco; stealing; profanity and obscenity; failure to report to a teacher, repeated offenses or accumulation of offenses and other serious disciplinary infractions as determined by the school administration.


The building principal may suspend a student for a period of up to five days.  Instructional directors may, if necessary, extend the suspension up to an additional ten days.  Expulsion can last for one day to a complete calendar year.




Please review and discuss the Thunder Mountain Expectations and possible consequences with your child.  The complete Boar policy concerning the Student Code of Conduct (beginning page 37) is included in the Handbook and Calendar for Parent and Students that is distributed to you.  Copies are also available from our office.





Diane Carver, Principal




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